Unisex Section

American Apparel offers not just male or female clothing, but also unisex apparel. Each unisex garment also shows examples of how it looks like on a male and female's body.

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Consumer Education

While the new American Apparel provides a platform for people to express their voices on, what if consumers were not aware of the issues that we as a society are facing? I believe educating consumers and spreading awareness of issues the brand cares about is as important as providing customers with great products, services, and systems. As an online-focused apparel brand, American Apparel can educate their customer through its website.

Transparent Process

One of American Apparel's USP since its beginning is "Ethically made", which they realize by paying their employees well and providing a healthy workplace. The new American Apparel is taking the "Ethically made" USP to another level. We care not just about our workers' well-being, but also about our environment. The new American Apparel not only uses better material for long lasting quality, but also is completely transparent of its manufacturing process so that every customer knows where the clothes come from.


Pink Tax Free

The pink tax refers to the extra amount of money women are charged for certain products or services. Pink Tax Free is a separate website to raise this gender inequality issue. It is more than just a site that educates consumers with real number comparison; it is also a platform to promote other companies that are pink tax free.