A cooking toolkit that empowers novice chefs to cook with skill and confidence.


Easier than ever before to enjoy cooking

Most people have to learn how to cook when they leave their home for the first time and go to college. Some may enjoy the process of cooking, but others don't. People who do not enjoy the process have different reasons such as, "it doesn't feel rewarding" and "it takes too long to cook a meal". However, many chefs and nutritionists recommend people to learn how to cook because eatng at home is simply healthier than eating out all the time.

Cookstarter is a kitchen toolkit that includes only the most essential cooking tools for preparing basic and popular American comfort foods.The toolkit provides a better, safer, and faster experience that guides novice cooks to start to love cooking.


Ergonomic handles

Spoons and the spatulas have ergonomic handles that allow the user to hold the tools comfortably. The knife's handle lets users hold it in a comfortable way that chefs prefer (pinch the blade with the thumb and index finger). By holding the knife the right way, users will have better control of their knife, reducing the chance that they get hurt while cutting their food.


Cook with No Mess

The heavier spoons and the spatula handles allow them to stand by themselves, creating no mess on the counter top. Also, the tray on the rack can collect the dripping water from the tools. It provides a cleaner working surface for the user.


Faster and Better Experience

The glass cutting board with a drawer receipt compartment allows the user to see the receipt and follow the steps effortlessly.

With the cutting board and the moveable tool rack, the Cookstarter minimizes the user movement during cooking. It allows the user to prepare a meal much more efficiently.




Interview and Observe

Shadowing and observing two novice cooks, one experienced cook, and one expert. I looked at how people cook an American cuisine meal starting from food preparation to washing dishes.


Jason, 30, Experienced cook

Alison, 30, Novice cook

John, 27, Novice cook

Chef Liz, Pro cook


Activity Map






User Journey Map





Novice cooks are not familiar with the cooking steps.



Unexperienced cooks have less knowledge about cooking.


Right tools

Not using the right tools for cooking may damage tools and slow down the process.



Cleaning and putting tools away while preparing food slow down the process.



User want the cooking process to be more convenient. 



People do not want to get hurt during cooking.



A starter kitchen tool kit for cooking popular American foods. The tool kit provides safer, faster and easier cooking experience and motivates the novice cook to cook more.


Sort Out the Essentials

One of the problem novice cooks has they do not know what tools they should start. There are hundreds of cooking tools in the market, and each tool has their role in the different cooking process. Some focus on a particular task and some are general and basic tools. For novice kitchen toolkit, it should only include the essential tools to reduce the novice cook confusion.

Below is the chart shows what tools are used in the process of cooking popular American dishes and the image show what are the essential tools.


Ideation & Mockups