New Visual Identity

A simple friendly future

Currently, HTT (Hyperloop Transportation Technologies) is one of the few companies building Hyperloop. They are pushing the boundary of transportation technology in order to allow this cutting-edge form of transportation to be available and reliable for the general public. Their mission is reflected in their current logo.

The next step for HTT, once Hyperloop becomes a reality, is to change their brand identity from cutting edge and future forward to friendly and straightforward in order to be less intimdating to the general public.

Original Mark

Original Mark


Marketing Campaign 

"around the corner"

"Around the corner" 1. very close to the place that you are. 2. A time or event that is just around the corner is coming very soon. (Cambridge Dictionary)

With the speed of Hyperloop, the places you want to be at, the things you like to do, and the  people you want to be with will all be Around the Corner.


Hyperloop community


Connect neighborhoods

Before fully launching the first long-distance Hyperloop, HTT can work with state governments to connect surrounding neighborhoods through low-speed Hyperloops. HTT can also partner with real estate companies to develop satellite towns. By doing so, HTT can not only have opportunities to perform tests, but can also have opportunities to solve housing problems in areas such as silicon valley.


Rewards system

The reward system will encourage people to travel with Hyperloop and try what different services it has to offer. Passengers can earn points through every trip they ride with HTT, every friend they recommended to ride with HTT, every ride share they offer to other HTT passengers, and much more. Those points can be used in many ways such as for purchasing the next ride, upgrading the on-train entertainment system, and shopping in Hyperloop stations.


Purchase goods in the HTT station with reward points


Reality TV Show

Sponsor “The Amazing Race” or other similar types of reality TV shows to showcase the Hyperloop and its on-train/off-train products and services.