Seamless Travel Experience

HyperPod is a personal autonomous travel pod that picks up the rider, goes into a Hyperloop train, and drops off at the destination of the rider’s choice. The HyperPod provides the ultimate private, comfortable, and seamless travel experience.

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Rest On-The-Go

Being well rested and at peak performance during client meetings is extremely important for business people and companies. HyperPod provides a quiet and comfortable space for the rider to rest on-the-go. Additional partnership products such as aroma to enhance resting quality can be added to the HyperPod.


All-In-One Personal Space

The HyperPod is not just a great personal travel capsule for resting and recharging energy, but also a great space for conducting work and meetings. It allows business travelers to get work done on the road so that they can spend more time in the new city for personal leisure and tour.