Empower patient mobility

Many doctors suggest that patients who are recovering from surgery should walk and do some exercises to help with their recovery. However, patient mobility is often restricted by the IV pole and its tubes. For patients, the IV pole is not only a restriction of movement, but also a symbol of sickness.

Mobiv is a hands free, portable IV device for patients in hospitals recovering from major surgeries. It provides a safer method for delivering IV therapy and frees patients from the restraint of IV poles. It helps patients gain stronger physical and mental strength so they can quickly get back to living a healthy life.


Hands-free IV treatment

In the old days, the IV pole was needed because IV systems relied on gravity to push fluid into patient's body. Nowadays however, we have IV pumps that can push fluid into the patient's body, even against gravity. 

By attaching the IV bag and the infusion pump onto the patient's arm closer to the IV site, Mobiv is able to provide a safe IV therapy and grant patients' mobility by freeing them from IV poles.


The IV compartment can contain a standard IV bag. Even though Mobiv is a new way for IV therapy, it does not require specially designed IV bags and tubes to accommodate. By using the traditional IV bags and tubes, doctors and nurses can easier adopt to Mobiv.

mobiv presentation-11.jpg

Stay informed, stay connected

The LED display enables the patient not only to view their progress, time remaining, and the drug that he/she is currently using, but also easily ask for help when the patient needs it.

Showing patients name, ID number, and the name of the drug before giving a drug to the patient allow medical staff to double-check information and minimize the chance of giving the wrong medicine.

Friends and family members can also send warm wishes directly to Mobiv and cheer up the patient.

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Colors match with every mood

Colors can be a big factor in affecting people's feeling. To give patients positive mindset, I came up 3 color directions based on trend and color research. Learn more


Recover, faster than ever before 

Nobody likes to stay in the hospital; patients want to go back to their normal life as soon as possible. With Mobiv, patients can recover from illness fast and leave the hospital with a healthy physical and mental health.

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Understand Intravenous System

Intravenous (IV) medications infuse the fluid that patients need directly into their veins via a syringe or IV tube. Traditionally, one or more IV bag hangs on the IV pole higher than the patient's heart and either uses natural gravity or IV pumps to push the fluid into patient's veins.



As technology gets better and better, more and more medicines and medical devices were invented and used to cure injuries and sickness. However, the modern IV system has not changed since it was created a century ago. IV pole, an aluminum stick with fives legs, can trip both patients and doctors and is not a friendly device to carry around. By hanging more fluids and pumps onto the pole, it becomes even harder to move around.




A Stunning Story

As my secondary research and interviews progressed, I firmly believed that I was going to design a better IV system for doctors and nurses. However, I changed my thought and design direction when I heard about a recovery journey from a girl who was involved in a major accident in 2014.

Hsiang Lee, an active girl who loved sports, was hit by a jet ski that caused severe injuries. She stayed in the hospital for 2 months, with 5 days in a coma and 14 days in ICU without moving. When Hsiang was finally able to get out of bed and walk, she could no longer be as active as she wanted because she felt constrained by the injuries and the IV. Later on, she developed depression and spent years to recover from it.


The Patient Journey in the Hospital

Both doctors and patients have pain points that stem from interacting with the IV pole and items on the pole. While Doctors and nurses are trained to operate the medical devices carefully and precisely, their patients are not. The pain points that patients experience from interacting with the IV are far greater as they need to carry the pole everywhere they go.





Design a mobile IV system that enables patients in the recovering stage of their treatment to have a safer form of IV therapy as well as minimal restriction.

Even though there is no scientific fact that shows IV is a factor of depression, doctors and patients both feel that IV is the symbol of sickness. This stigma needs to change so that patients can maintain strong mental health throughout their treatment and prevent depression.



Hsiang is a sports lover and involves many sports activity. To come up with a medical device that empowers her, I took inspiration from sports protective gear. My goal is that by using the toughness form and CMF inspired by protective equipment, the mobile IV device can give the patients stronger mental strength.


Ideation & Mockups


Improving wearing experience

Throughout the user testing and demonstration, I found out that it is not easy to put Mobiv onto a person’s arm. While I am putting on the upper part onto a person, the lower part is dangling around, making the whole wearing experience unpleasant. Therefore I decided the second version of Mobiv should separate IV compartment and IV pump into two pieces instead of one.


From “stand out” to “blend in”

One feedback I got the most from people is about the look of Mobiv. When they put on Mobiv, Instead of feeling empowered, the Iron-Man-suit-like aesthetic is way too standout in the crowd and makes people feel intimidated. Even though the sporty look and feel intend to strengthen patient mentality, it is still a symbol of sickness for many people. Therefore, the CMF goal for the next version of Mobiv is to blend in with patient’s daily cloth.

mobiv render copy.jpg